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The perfect rack of ribs. A big delicious statement that means something different to everyone. What does it mean to you? Is it the richness of the sauce? Is it how tender the meat is? Or is the true sign of the perfect ribs, a very messy bib?  What if we told you, you could have all three. 

Slow-cooked, rich in flavour & delicately tender. Satisfy a lifetime of rib cravings with one experience at the Waterbar & Grill. After 16 years in the industry and establishing ourselves as the Premier Steakhouse Cairns Restaurant, our expertise and secret recipe work seamlessly together to create the most divine ribs. 

When our guests enter our restaurant with a craving for ribs, we make it our mission for our ribs to not just meet their expectations but exceed them. Whether you’re local or a visiting tourist, you haven’t experienced premier ribs until you have visited the Waterbar & Grill. Guests can choose from Pork or Lamb and a half or full rack. Pop on your bib (you’ll need it) & we’ll take care of the rest.

Much like all of our meats, the subtropical climate and rich Queensland soil are just part of what goes into every unforgettable piece of meat at our Cairns Restaurant. We can’t reveal too much about our secret recipe but we’ll let you in on a few steps. Our ribs are slow-cooked to create tender meat that delicately falls off the bone with every bite. They’re then charred on the grill and basted in our signature Lekker sauce. Our popular Waterbar Lekker sauce is loved by many but known by few. The rich and flavorful secret sauce recipe is the perfect combination of smokey and sweet. It leaves our meat glistening with visible flavour and your tastebuds jumping for joy. Don’t start licking your lips just yet, all our rib dishes are served with salty steakhouse chips or decadent garlic mash.

Now It’s time for you to experience the magic. Move with caution, once you taste our delectable ribs there is no going back. Ribs are available on our lunch and dinner menu.