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African and Portuguese Influence

Waterbar and Grill is a bustling steakhouse serving up the rustic flavours of Portuguese cuisines that evoke the cobblestone streets of Lisbon, blended with the exotic influence of African spices and tradition. 

The menu at our Cairns restaurant has been inspired by African and Portuguese cultures and their richly intoxicating dishes. From our entrees to our mains, each bite is infused with the love of Mediterranean home cooking and tasty traditional African flavours. 

So, where should you begin your cultured culinary journey when dining with us? We recommend starting with our entrée of woodfired sourdough bruschetta, topped with brie, biltong, and rocket. Biltong is a classic and deliciously addictive South African snack dating back more than 400 years, where meat, typically beef, is air-dried and cured with salt, spices, and vinegar. 

Or, for those who like it spicy, our fan-favourite buffalo wings are house-basted in our signature Lekker™ sauce.

Next up is the pièce de resistance: your mains! Dive into our sustainable and sensational seafood offering with our Mozambique peri peri prawns. Peri peri is often celebrated as Africa’s most famous flavour, yet this travelling blend of spices beloved throughout the world hails from a Mozambique-Portuguese influence. You can also keep the peri peri vibes going with our Portuguese chicken.

Live on the wild side and try our boerewors, a South African spiced sausage. Hot tip, it’s pronounced boo-ruh-vors, and it’s what beef-grilling dreams are made of.

Hang on, have you considered our espetada? It’s basted and grilled rump beef hanging from a skewer (see what we did there?). Espetadas are a Portuguese staple, originating from the windswept island of Madeira. What started as a classic dish of bay-leaf skewered beef seasoned with garlic and salt has evolved into an exciting array of culinary creations. The chefs in our Cairns restaurant have expertly paired the traditional vertical presentation with our rich red wine and chilli sauce.
When considering the best places to visit in Cairns for your next meal, you can’t miss the Waterbar and Grill. Our friendly waitstaff and knowledgeable chefs are just as excited about the African-Portuguese dishes on our menu as we’re certain you will be. Enjoy waterfront dining in our Cairns restaurant while letting your tastebuds wander the distant shores of Portugal, Mozambique, and South Africa.