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Cocktails at the Marina?

With everything one hears, you would be forgiven for thinking that Waterbar is all about the food and the ambiance. Our passion for our food extends to our cocktail menu and, with only the freshest ingredients being used, why not come and enjoy the zing and zang of the best cocktails that the marina has to offer while you contemplate the food menu and seek out your choice for the meal.

Waterbar & Grill has a selection of cocktails to suit every taste, from Aperitif to Digestive. What better way to prepare your pallet for that mouthwatering steak to come than wildwith a fresh Aperitif cocktail. Something along the lines of a Honey Mojito perhaps? The freshness of the mint and the tangy lime with the undertones of sweet sticky honey opening up those taste receptors for the meal to come.

Or perhaps round off an evening of excellence with an Espresso Martini? A single shot of espresso laced with vanilla vodka and white chocolate liqueur. It’s a night cap, desert and coffee all in one …. last cocktail anyone?