Morganbury Meats

Meet the Supplier Behind Our Mouth Watering Steaks – Morganbury Meats

Here at Waterbar, we adore our beautiful home in FNQ. We believe by keeping our supply local, we support the greater Cairns region.

We Interviewed Miranda from Morganbury Meats, one of our local suppliers to find out what makes their meat so delicious.

What is the history of Morganbury?

25 years ago, the previous owner, Chris Greenwood bought the company and renamed it as it is located on Morganbury Road. 8 years ago, we started producing and breeding our own cattle. The operation has changed very minimally over the last 25 years.

What makes Morganbury unique?

We have got the formula right with the breed of cattle that we raise. The cattle are bred and fattened onsite and we select the cattle based on the requirements of the restaurant. This can be based on the percentage of fat or marbling they like. It is a very personalised experience.

 What breed of cattle do you produce?

Our star cattle are called “Brangus”, which is a mix of Angus and Brahman cattle breeds.

Is there something special about the soil in the farmlands that makes a difference to the beef?

Yes, we have a product called ‘Volcanic’. The cairns region is located on ancient volcanic soil. The soil has minerals that produce lush grass that the cattle feed on, giving the cattle a unique taste.

What’s the aging process of the meets?

The aging process of the meat depends on the restaurant. The public love to see meat ageing in cabinets in restaurants and we love to help cairns restaurants by supplying them with the best cuts of meat.

What are the most popular products that Morganbury has?

Our most popular products are the tomahawk, cube roll (rib-eye steak) and all the best cuts of beef.

How are you supporting the FNQ region?

At Morganbury, we are a wholly local operation for the greater Cairns region. All our produce is grown and processed here in Cairns. We also employ all local staff.

If you would like to try one of Morganbury’s succulent steaks, then look no further than Waterbar. We have many dry-aged cuts of Morganbury beef that we can grill to your liking. Put Waterbar on your list for your next place to visit in Cairns.

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